HP Technology at Work

In 1984, HP launched its first laser printer – the HP LaserJet. There was nothing like it in the printer market, and this model spawned a whole new segment. That same year, thermal inkjet printing made its debut with the HP ThinkJet printer, marking HP Labs’ success in miniaturizing inkjet technology to provide superior quality, quieter operation, and lower power consumption. Compared to dot matrix printers.

Since then, countless contracts, resumes, presentations, meeting schedules, annual reports, and sales manuals have been printed with these essential and trusted workplace tools. And while the world is increasingly digital, print continues to play an important and critical role in the world of business. From security-oriented network printers to dynamic color printers, here’s a list of the latest Impresoras HP innovations, spanning a wide variety of office needs and budgets to help us keep printing for the next 30 years.

HP PageWide Pro – Up to 40% lower cost, color printing is the new trend 1

Companies have traditionally avoided having in-house color printers out of fear of rising operating costs, despite the recognition that color printing could make a more professional and memorable impression on customers.

Today, with HP PageWide Pro series printers , color printing comes at an economical price, combining the lowest total cost of ownership in its class 2 with high speed, efficient energy consumption, 3 best-in-class security 4 and – not to be outdone – vibrant, cost-effective color printing. The secret to top speed 5 and professional quality at a lower cost is a print bar that prints to any width, no matter how large, in a single pass. This way, you get great performance without compromise.

HP PageWide Press: Redefining Realities

The corrugated packaging industry is constantly evolving, especially as customers demand shorter runs, shorter lead times and massive customization. The HP PageWide T1100S Press brings calm amid the chaos, providing pack converters with digital printing solutions that answer the most pressing challenges on the market. With the HP PageWide Press, converters can streamline their operations, meet shorter or longer deadlines, and provide the added benefits of versatile digital printing to their customers.

Through an example from a niche industry, the HP PageWide T1100S Press shows how PageWide technology is helping businesses build a more efficient and productive reality.

HP Secure Printing – Security Issues

For any company, security surveillance needs to go beyond the PC, covering all critical terminals, i you incluidas printers. Some HP Officejet Pro, HP PageWide Pro, and HP LaserJet Pro devices have built-in security features to combat malicious efforts and protect sensitive business information:

  • Secure Boot ensures that only original, HP signed boot code runs at startup.
  • Firmware Integrity Validation passes the firmware as original HP code at device boot time and reboots to a safe recovery state if any abnormality is detected.
  • Runtime code integrity prevents cybercriminals from inserting malicious code into memory during operation.
  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager verifies and corrects the effective security settings of each device across the entire set of devices, including printers 6

HP Color LaserJet M600 Series Printer – Solving Basic Business Needs

Security, performance, and cost are critical to many business decisions, and the HP Color LaserJet 600 Printer prioritizes these business concerns. With these new printers, you can make sure you have the following:

  • Confidential information protected with key elements like HP SureStart and runtime intrusion detection.
  • Higher performance, with faster print and scan capabilities, built-in optical character recognition (for creating searchable and text files), and automatic orientation, cropping, and hue features ensure a professional appearance.
  • Anti-counterfeiting technology and cost-effective functionality with HP JetIntelligence cartridges .

HP DesignJet T120: Compact power

In a competitive business environment, saving time, space, and money can increase the overall performance of your organization. This idea prompted the invention of the HP DesignJet T120 Printer. This compact 24-inch printer offers large-format printing with an intuitive color touchscreen, 7 wireless connectivity, and a front-loading media roll. What’s the score? Inexpensive, high-quality prints that make a positive impact.

HP DesignJet T520 – easy mobile printing

The HP DesignJet T520 is well positioned to deliver performance in today’s mobile business environment. The T520, which is a large format printer, produces exact lines and sharp details in designs, maps, photos and presentations, with resolutions up to 2400 dpi – all in a design that saves space and allows professionals to print from any environment with Internet connection, even from a smartphone or tablet. 7