In recent years both HiPod and Sport Scope began offering End Zone Telescoping Tripod systems at lower price points to accomodate schools, organizations, or individuals looking to film their sports program at a lower budget. The Hi-Pod Lite is an end zone camera tower with less height, less weight, and at a much reduced price compared to their standard “Pro” line. For a single parent looking to film youth sports this may be a reasonable option. But for serious sports programs such as High School Football, the Hi-Pod Lite is a poor investment as compared to the Sport Scope 20′ Endzone Camera. Today we’ll compare the Hi-Pod Lite and the Sport Scope 20′ and discover which option is best for your program . . .


Weight and Sandbags

The Sport Scope 20′ Endzone Camera is a much lighter weight tripod than our 30′ quadpod towers. Nevertheless, the 20′ Sport Scope is still more robust and appropriately weighted than any of the Hi-Pod Lite models. It’s going to be much more planted on the ground. And despite this extra weight, the tripod is still very manageable to handle and easy to transport. Also, the Hi-Pod Lite requires you to use a sandbag at all times in order to weigh down the base. While this may be recommended during extreme weather for Sport Scope Towers, sandbags are typically an extra peice of equipment not needed, even with the 20′ Sport Scope EndZone Camera.

American Made Towers

Each and every one of Sport Scope’s towers, including our 20′ Endzone Camera Systems, are proudly made in the U.S.A. Hi-Pod towers are not produced locally or domestically, and this includes the Hi-Pod Lite line.


Due to the fact that Sport Scope towers are American-made and only use pole and tripod materials of the highest quality, the Sport Scope 20′ Endzone Camera will be far more durable than the Hi-Pod Lite. Combine this detail with the added weight, and these are the reasons your Sport Scope tower will stand the test of time.


10 Yr vs 2 Yr Warranty

Because we believe in the durability and quality of our towers, every Sport Scope telescoping End Zone Camera quadpod or tripod tower has a 10-year warranty. Hi-Pod’s towers don’t have a warranty this long and the Hi-Pod Lite only has a 2-year warranty.


Quality of Electronics

Regardless of tower, the Hi-Pod Lite R-line tripods all use a third party Pan/Tilt head to pan the camera left and right and tilt up and down once elevated. Conversely, at Sport Scope we custom build our own Pan/Tilt head in house with our own design and a greater range of tilt rotation than the third party device used by Hi-Pod. We also use premium remotes, monitors, and cable materials.