The reasons behind the cancellation of Gifted Season 3


X-Men have disappeared from the universe in which Fox’s television superhero series Gifted takes place. X-Men inspired the series. This is a two-season show. On October 2, 2017, the first episode aired and on February 26, 2019, the final episode aired. The show received mostly positive reviews from critics. The review was excellent, and the viewership was steady.

In “The Gifted” show, two normal parents find out that their child has mutant powers. They escape their family and ensnare themselves in the underground mutant community where they fight for their lives.

A cancellation or a renewal?

The gifted season 3 will not be renewed for a third season following its second season. The drama did poorly in its average Fox ratings after its second season ended on February 1. Additionally, the show received a lot of positive reviews from critics and ranked much higher on Rotten Tomatoes in its second season. On April 17, 2019, Fox announced that it would no longer broadcast the show.

In comparison, the average adult rating for the second season of The Gifted was 1.1. However, this was less than the 2.0 rating for the first season and less than the 3.3 million viewers who watched the second season. Most X-Men fans believe Disney’s purchase of Fox is responsible for X-Men’s recent decline. There is no longer a connection between Fox and the show because Fox no longer owns it. In order for a transmission company to keep its linear ratings, they must consider them as an essential component.

Their arguments are valid, but not as direct as they think. Disney acquired Fox Broadcasting Company but did not include it in its acquisition. It is not possible for the company to purchase another broadcasting network since it already has one.

A few months ago, host Matt Nix told SlashFilm in an interview that he believes the show will return with a new approach. Several associations come to mind. There are loyal fans of The Gifted among those who watch the show. A chain link has a relatively small fan base. I hope that there are some issues to resolve in this area, but regardless, we did a great job with the show. The 22-episode series will not be aired, and I am not afraid of making mistakes. . ”

The end is near (SPOILERS)

There were a few people from the underground group who participated in the Inner Circle at the end of season one. The second season showed the conflict between two groups and the clash between different factions’ radical views. Watched by many online, the show enjoyed success. There has been no announcement regarding the continuation of the series, as it has been removed from the air.

Those who have seen this show may remember how it ended. Struck family’s reaction to the notorious 7/15 incident opened the finale. He sacrificed his life so that Reeva Payge couldn’t destabilize the U.S. government and achieve her dream of creating the first mutant nation in the world.

This program is hosted by Matt Nix. The season should not be ended without giving a reason to Matt Nix, he said.

Even with the possibility of a third season, however, this should keep audiences guessing. “Nevertheless,” he said, “I am eager to return. We have many more stories to tell. The story ends with a sense of tension, but it is clear that the audience reached various satisfying conclusions.