Why Secure Storage Lockers are Important

Why Secure Storage Lockers are Important

People that live in multifamily apartment complexes understand the value of having secure storage lockers to store their belongings in. What a lot of multifamily apartment complex owners fail to realize is that they can provide this type of storage solution to their tenants without busting their bank accounts. Having enclosed, secure, storage lockers makes all of the difference in the world for the people that have extra belongings that they want to keep private and safe. Secure lockers add security and safety to the whole property and help the tenants to rest easier.

What Happens Without Proper Storage 

One of the biggest problems that come with not having any kind of storage solution for the tenants at all is that they become creative and start storing things where they can fit them. For example, renters will store their extra belongings in the area where they park their car. They will stack and pile boxes or whatever in the small space that they have to work with. If not the parking area, they will try to store belongings on their balconies, or even in the hallways of the apartment complex. Unsecured property causes problems. First, it is unsightly and looks bad. Second, it attracts thieves. When thieves find easy opportunities to steal potential valuables, they tend to stick around.

Wire Mesh Cages Are Bad Business

It seems like wire mesh storage units would be an efficient enough alternative to enclosed storage bins, but in reality, they cause more problems. What a lot of apartment owners are unaware of is that for about the same price as it is to install wire mesh storage bins, they can install secure, strong, solid storage bins. Although the cost to install them is roughly the same, the return from the investment into secure storage bins is much higher than the wire cages could ever provide.

Wire storage bins lack privacy and security. There is no way to hide what is inside of them other than covering the contents with a tarp or blanket. Without any kind of privacy, anybody that passes by can see what is inside, even thieves. Without walls to protect the privacy of the contents, anybody and everybody can see what is available. This becomes a window-shopping experience for thieves.

Since the cages are constructed primarily of wire mesh it is not difficult to break into them. Thieves know this and come prepared with the proper tools that will help them to easily gain access to the contents of the storage unit.

Not only do wire mesh storage cages look ugly, attract thieves and provide no security, they also do not entice would-be renters to move in. Stay away from wire cages. They are not a feasible option for a successful apartment complex.

What Secure Storage Units Provide

Secure storage units provide privacy, security, and peace of mind. A recent study showed that people that live in multifamily apartment complexes would very much prefer to have a secure, on-site storage solution in their apartment complex. Tenants do not want to drive across town to an off-site storage unit in order to tend to their belongings. In fact, many of the tenants that said that they prefer on-site storage units said that they would be willing to pay upwards of $100 per month in order to have on-site storage. An apartment complex with 1,000 people that pay an extra $100 per month brings in $100,000 extra per month. That’s a lot of money. On-site storage bins will practically pay for themselves. Whether it is from existing renters choosing to pay more, or from future tenants moving in because they can get storage it’s all the same. You can’t ask for more than a solution that keeps everybody, except for the thieves, happy.

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