Why you should invest in food safety software

Traceability is essential for any successful food operation. Instead of using modern food safety and quality software, many companies use archaic procedures and practices. There are still many people who store their data in old Excel documents on non-secure computers. To stay ahead of your competitors and avoid food safety issues in the future, you should invest in food safety and quality management software.

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1. Employees stay organized with it.

Food safety can become easy and fluid when your staff is willing to follow the procedures you have established for compliance. Many restaurants use out-of-date food safety procedures that are difficult to monitor for compliance as well as difficult to maintain. With food safety software, these issues are much easier to manage. In addition to being able to check on your staff’s activities, the modern, user-friendly software makes it simple and intuitive to use, so your employees will be more likely to use it.

2. Creating checklists is simple.

Checklists are essential to effective food safety programs. HAAZP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) systems rely on checklists for a reason. The checklist can be easily customized for your business’ daily requirements, and it is simple to use. Additionally, checklists keep your staff on track, and they are very satisfying to complete. In just a few clicks, you can create intuitive, powerful checklists using food safety management software. No more messy Excel spreadsheets.

3. Reports are available for inspection.

When you use food safety management software, you’ll always have access to reporting options. Reports on food safety were traditionally written by hand or typed every day, every week, or every month. The use of specialized software allows you to capture quality incidents in real time and report them in real time to your suppliers. After quality incidents occur, they can be recovered. In addition, you can track any credit requests directly from your suppliers without having to go through a middleman.

4. Inspections should be anticipated and proactive.

Every restaurant and food business must undergo regular health inspections. There should be no stress involved. If your compliance practices are up to date and followed regularly, a surprise inspection should be a breeze. However, businesses often do not follow their compliance policies correctly, leading to poor health inspection ratings and even fines. With food safety management software, you can better manage your daily operations and anticipate health inspections. With food safety software, users can schedule, manage, and track compliance-related activities, including health inspections and corrective measures.

5. Falsified data cannot be submitted

Using outdated methods of food safety management, such as Excel, puts you at a greater risk for fabricated data. The possibility exists that employees who are not properly managed may accidentally or purposefully list certain tasks as completed when they have not actually accomplished them. When your business suffers a loss as a result of a customer becoming ill from a food product, this can be catastrophic. The food safety management software combines management with data tracking to ensure that checklists are followed accurately, honestly, and correctly.

6. Compared to paper and pen, it is faster.

Despite being inexpensive, paper and pen aren’t useful at all. Keeping track of your daily checklists is almost impossible when you use pens and paper. Daily tasks are also lengthy. Food safety management software is intuitive and quick to use. Due to their intuitive and visual nature, great food safety systems make it easy to track and complete different tasks on your checklists. There is no need to write anything down. By tapping, tasks are completed.

7. Food labeling is simplified as a result.

Food safety management systems are usually designed as integrated solutions. Thanks to the advent of great software, food safety issues such as labeling can also be addressed. A number of platforms can be used for label printing. The software also includes the capability to monitor and manage food safety. Consequently, human error is greatly reduced and your supply chain can be optimized efficiently. It is surprising how easy it can be to streamline basic compliance tasks by using a good food safety management system.

8. Increased efficiency is beneficial to your business.

Digital systems are designed to increase the efficiency of a business’s operations. Similar rules apply to the food and restaurant industries, and food safety management is no exception. If your organization has a good management system in place, you and your staff can automate many of the compliance tasks associated with food safety. This efficiency can be applied across all levels of the organization. Using the application, you will always be able to track your activities.

9. The temperature is monitored automatically.

An adequate food safety management program will have HAACP-compliant features. Temperature management is one of them. In addition to the thousands of dollars you can lose from food spoilage, if it reaches a customer’s plate, you can damage your brand’s reputation and possibly face litigation. With most food management systems, you can easily set up trackers and algorithms that allow you to track temperature over time. This lets you detect any temperatures that may be dangerous to the food. All that information will be available to you in real time on your phone.

10. Customers feel reassured by it.

Brands are no longer trusted like they once were. Consumers are even less likely to trust brands associated with food. Your target market will immediately abandon you if news spreads that your food products caused an illness. With food management systems, you can build a trusting relationship with your customers. Our food safety management system compliant data is also accessible via a QR code at Qualizy. You will be able to build trust between your brand and your customers by letting them know how well you’re doing.

Compliance with QALZY and Restaurant Safety Simplified

Thanks to COVID, businesses now approach food safety and service differently. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for innovation.

Qualizy decided that a change in compliance was needed after reviewing the needs of food professionals and entrepreneurs. Businesses and consumers will both benefit.

Food safety software is offered by Qualizy. You can also get custom food safety management plans from us along with wireless temperature monitoring and automated inspection-ready reports. We offer the most ethical pricing structure in the industry, ensuring compliance and efficiency.